Losing It
Losing It - Tired of waiting for Mr. Right, twenty-five-year-old Charlotte Gibson is determined to get rid of her virginity, come hell or highwater. Handily, the hunk restoring her Victorian house volunteers for the job.

Book Utopia Blog Favorite Novella (and author) of 2009

Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover - When Fiona Sheridan tests her feminine wiles on her stepfather’s business associate, she finds out she’s bitten off quite a bit more than she can chew.

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith - After four hundred years of solitude imposed upon him by the Incan sun god, Amaru longs for death until he meets Kira, a modern-day woman exploring the land of her ancestors.

Fit to be Tied
Fit to Be Tied - Ten years ago, Sadie thought Max was a scrawny, hopeless nerd. Today, he’s still a little nerdy but in a "My, Clark Kent, what broad shoulders you have!" way. But Max has a sexy secret and Sadie decides to play detective.

Ellora's Cavemen
Seasons of Seduction III Anthology - “A Man of Vision” - Modern-day courtesan Delphine Alexander expects the norm with her latest client, a brooding sculptor. What she doesn't expect, is while she satisfies his demanding libido, he is chiseling away at the defenses she’s built around her heart.
Carnal Devotions
Carnal Devotions - A funky sex toy transports Nathan Somerset into erotic fantasies that all revolve around his timid neighbor, Annie, but the goddess Cybele saw him first and she doesn’t like to share.