In The Zone Series

Venture into the locker room and onto the ice with the NHL San Diego Barracudas, a team of intense, competitive and all too human athletes as they discover that it’s possible to love something more than hockey. (The books are listed in the suggested reading order.)
On the Surface
On the Surface (In the Zone, Book 1) - Pediatric nurse Erin Collier thinks all Tim wants is another notch on his hockey stick, when what he’s really shooting for is forever.
Across the Line
Across the Line (In the Zone, Book 2) - She's an Asian restauranteur. He's an NHL player returning to the ice after being injured. Committed to their jobs and with thousands of miles between them, they don't stand a chance.
On the Brink
On the Brink, (In the Zone 2.5, a M/M prequel) - As the number one pick in the NHL draft, Hart Griffin can't afford to let anything get in the way of his career, especially not those hot, confusing feelings he gets whenever he's around Jeremy.

Out of the Game

Out of the Game (In the Zone, Book 3) - Alex Sullivan plays the field as hard as he plays hockey, but being the team Cassanova isn’t floating his boat anymore, especially after he shares a kiss with Claire Marzano that he can’t forget.

Under the Spotlight
Under the Spotlight (In the Zone, Book 4) - NHL player Joe Rutherford is usually the one signing autographs, but when he sees Christine Caspary on Broadway, he is compelled to wait by the stage door to meet her. Joe's star is on the wane just as Christine's starts to rise. How will he take to being the arm candy for a change?