Be-Wished Series

Wishes do come true when United Wish Federation fairy, Davina Traherne is on the case. A crusader for true love, Davina orchestrates Happily-Ever-Afters, despite her kooky, unorthodox methods.
Once Upon a Fling
Once Upon a Fling - They met years ago at an amateur poker tournament. Now Mariah owns a boutique chocolate shop in Vegas and Tucker plays the pro poker circuit. Davina’s mission? To rekindle the flame between them that never went out.

Once Upon a Wolf
Once Upon a Wolf - Paige’s wish was for one hot night with a sexy werewolf, and nature photographer Adam Jaeger meets both criteria, but they quickly realize one night won’t be nearly enough.

Once Upon a SEAL
Once Upon a SEAL - Determined to get closure, Davina bends the rules to give Livvy and her neighbor Jack, a paralyzed war veteran, their happy ending.

Once Upon a Hero
Once Upon a Hero - Davina turns to her friend Laszlo Urbanek to help her go off-grid when her granny tries to force her into a loveless marriage, and Laszlo discovers he’ll do anything to protect Davina. Even marry her himself.