March 16, 2015

Release Day!

Out of the Game is finally available! I'm really excited. Early reviews have been fantastic.

"Out Of The Game has been my favourite in the series so far, just as I hoped it would be."
--Romance Between the Sheets

"Out of the Game is one of those romances that is sweet, funny, and sexy and sometimes all at the same time and for me it was a winner. I loved this book, this couple and their journey and it is my favorite in the series to date."
--Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"Even while my heart was breaking I was loving the twists to the story line. Just really good, heart-wrenching writing."
--Smitten with Reading


  1. I finished reading Out of the Game yesterday, awesome book by the way, but as a born a born and bred Frölunda fan I have to point out a factual error that peeved me a bit.

    In chapter 26, it says that Henrik Lundqvist's twin brother doesn't play hockey. Joel Lundqvist most assuredly do. He is the team captain of Frölunda Indians (who are currently in the lead in game 7 of the Swedish Hockey League quarter finals, a game I am just now watching live). He also played for the Dallas Stars and holds two world championship golds with the Swedish national team. For me, that constitutes as playing hockey.

    I totally recommend Out of the Game, which is a fantastic read!

    1. I am glad someone else posted about this error in the book. Even though I couldn't remember the name of the team Joel currently plays for, saying he isn't a player made me angry. The NHL is not the only league in the world.