October 4, 2014

I Lost My Podcast Virginity

The Royal Half and All the Kings Men are two powerhouses in the Los Angeles Kings community and I have long been a fan of their work. They are masters of GIFs and graphics and their wit is well-known to LA Kings fans like me.

In fact, if you heard the TV announcers talk about "That 70s Line"--Jeff Carter (#77), Tyler Toffoli (#73), and Tanner Pearson (#70)--that nickname was coined by The Royal Half on their blog.

See what I mean about their graphics? Hilarious.

Anyway, recently they asked if I would agree to an interview on their podcast. I was terrified to do it. What if they made fun of me, my books and/or the romance genre? Hockey fans are hardcore. I envisioned myself being a babbling, incoherent mess and condemned to knowing that anyone could download my meltdown from iTunes and have themselves a laugh riot.

However, I knew that this was a fantastic opportunity for promotion. I hoped that any embarrassment I felt would be offset by a few sales. Surely there were some readers amongst those combined 17,000 Twitter followers who might enjoy reading an escapist hockey romance.

It turned out to be totally fun. I did stumble some and ramble a lot. At one point I forgot my point and had to admit I had no idea where I was going, but while I didn't ace it by any long shot of the imagination, I didn't crash and burn. The guys--there were three of them, so my first foursome!--were gentlemen and very respectful. I actually adored their nervous laughter when we started talking about the sex scenes. And my sales got a very respectable bump that week.

Thank you, The Royal Half and All the Kings Men. You guys rock.

Without further ado, here is Episode 381, Kate Willoughby.


  1. You did great, Kate! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. :)

    Marcy Shuler

  2. I enjoyed your podcast episode a lot, the guys were very enthusiastic about hockey romance. I also know the person who only reads hockey romance, and I would like to clarify that she reads a wide variety of challenging non-fiction & literary fiction, but when it comes to romance, all she reads is hockey romance.