August 16, 2014

Harlequin Junkie Spotlight

Here's an interview you might like to read that appeared on Harlequin Junkie. This site has a large amount of traffic, and I really enjoyed the comments I got on the post. We talked about whether we were good fashion advisors or if we needed help with fashion for ourselves. There were only a few people who felt confident about their fashion sense.

I was not one of them! LOL


  1. I enjoyed that post.Having worked in retail, I am good at shopping and shopping advice. However when I shop, I always end up with black. Recently I've been splashing out to dark grey.

  2. Only 49 more shades to go there. LOL

  3. You crack me up, Kate! :D I follow the HJ blog and didn't realize you'd responded to each comment. I lost it when you got to kp's post and said: "Gals, kp is our savior!!! Don’t let her get away!" I needed that laugh!

    Marcy Shuler
    aka: #2

  4. #2! So glad to see you here! I thought Mel was my only stalk--um, FAN who visited the website. LOL