June 6, 2014

My Guys - Marian Gaborik #12

Marian Gaborik has only been an LA King for a short while. We got him from the Columbus Blue Jackets just before the trade deadline and I have to say, he's fit in with the team perfectly. So much has been said in the media about the ease of his transition and how much of that had to do with the team welcoming him warmly. It's well known how tightly knit the Kings are, how they're friends, not just co-workers.

This is exactly the type of cohesiveness I want to portray in my hockey romances. I want my San Diego Barracudas to be like the Kings, with a work ethic and sense of responsibility to the fans and to each other. I want my guys to love each other like brothers.

There was some doubt about whether Marian would perform well for the Kings. Apparently he had a history of injuries. But he's proven all those naysayers wrong. All he needed were the right teammates.

He's Slovakian and kinda cute.

Here he's posing with Marcel Hossa, shirtless. He has some nice abs even if the picture seems a tad "steam bath buddy."

And then we have him in a tux. Again, a tuxedo immediately increases sex appeal by at least 200%.

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