May 19, 2014

Suspension of The Other Guys Feature

It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Kings have made it to the Western Conference Final. This is SERIOUS. Therefore, until further notice, I am hereby discontinuing the "The Other Guys" feature, in which I highlighted sexy guys from the opposing team.

Instead, I will show all the sexy guys from the Los Angeles Kings, of which there are many. Let's call this feature, MY GUYS, shall we? Wishful thinking.

Let's start with an "A," Alec Martinez. Alec is on fire right now. He's been beast on the ice lately. He's really had to step it up because we were down a couple of defensemen (Willie Mitchell and Robyn Regehr) due to injury.

He's from Michigan. He was once a San Jose Jr. Shark. In 2010 on my birthday, he was recalled from the Monarchs to play for the Kings and on the very next day he scored his first NHL goal. He is a Stanley Cup Champion.

This isn't really eye candy, unless you're a die-hard hockey fan. Personally, I think this photo is inspiring. It's of a man, doing what he was born to do, and doing it very very well. This was taken in 2012, when the Kings won the Cup.

There is really nothing like a half-naked, wet athlete. Nothing. Look at those thighs!

Here's a provocative photo of him with the cup. Holy muscles, the man is a lean, mean hockey machine.