May 27, 2014

My Guys - Justin Williams #14

I never forget Justin William's jersey number (#14) because I associate it with Valentine's Day, and I love this guy. He's handsome. He's approachable. He's a family man. He's honest and intense. He's everything I want my fictional hockey heroes to be.

He also has a reputation now for being a clutch player, coming through when it's do or die, especially Game 7s.

For you non-sports fans, in order to win the Stanley Cup, you must win several "best of seven" series. Sometimes a series doesn't go seven games. Sometimes a team will "sweep" the other team 4 games to zero. If you end up playing a Game 7, that means both teams have won three games and it's all on the line for everyone. For some reason, Justin Williams always pulls something extra out of himself during Game 7s, so much so that the press have deemed him "Mr. Game 7."

So, check him out.

Here he is clean-shaven and super sexy. (I think it's one of Newton's Laws that the sexy factor of all men increases 200% if they're wearing a suit.)

The Kings are up against the current Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, right now. The Kings have won three games. The Hawks have won one. Heh heh.

Go Kings.

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