April 22, 2014

USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Bielman is in the House!

I want to welcome my dear friend and fellow author Robin Bielman to my blog! I haven't had a guest in so long, I hope she has a good time. Without further ado, here's Robin!

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to be celebrating my newest release with Kate’s newest release. (Love sharing book birthdays with my favorite people!) Thank you for having me here today Kate, and congratulations on ON THE SURFACE!

WILD ABOUT HER WINGMAN is the latest book in my Secret Wishes series from Entangled Publishing. It stars Erin Watters and Troy Streiber. The books take place in my fictional small coastal town of Cascade, Oregon. I had so much fun creating this little slice of life and so today I’m going to play tour guide and introduce you to some of my favorite spots. And guess what? I’m not alone. My very hunky hero, rescue paramedic Troy Streiber is here to help me.

Okay, so maybe I actually phoned in a 911 and hijacked him into coming along because, well, I really like hanging out with him. :D So here we go…

Me: I’m hungry. Troy, are you hungry?
Troy: Sure. I think I need another Crem’s fix.
Me: Another?
Troy: I was there earlier with Erin. ~he smiles~

Crem’s Bakery is on Main Street. It’s the spot everyone goes to for all their coffee and bakery needs. Meredith Crem, the owner, bakes the best everything and even went out of her comfort zone to make bachelor and bachelorette party cakes several months ago for Erin’s sister Vanessa and her fiancĂ©e at the time, Hayden. And let’s just say Mer’s sweet reputation might have tipped to the not-so-sweet scale after that. ;) As Troy and I walk down Main, we pass by the post office and the shoe repair and the Cascade Gazette offices – famous for spreading all the important town news first – and then we arrive at Crem’s.


Me: We’ll be right back, okay? We’re going to pop inside to grab something and then we’ll continue the tour… We’re back! And I brought you a chocolate chip cookie. *hands cookie through the internet* Gosh the sun is bright today.
Troy: Here. ~he gives me his sunglasses~
Me: Thanks.
Troy: No problem. Should we head toward Milt’s next?
Me: Definitely.

Milt is the crotchety, but lovable owner the Crown & Anchor Pub. It’s one of Cascade’s oldest and favorite restaurants, and pretty much anything that happens there doesn’t stay there.

Troy: The Crown & Anchor is where I first met Erin. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes on.
Me: Aww.
Troy: It was four months before I talked to her again.
Me: You came to her rescue after the fire at the pub actually.
Troy: You better not let her hear you say I rescued her. ~he playfully bumps my shoulder~
Me: Yeah, no one rescues her, right?
Troy: ~he grins down at me and I almost melt~ Right.

We turn off Main Street and walk past Watters Park. The park is filled with bright colored flowers and bright green grass. There are also tiny walkways and a gazebo smack dab in the center. It’s where all the holiday celebrations take place—the Fall Festival, the tree lighting ceremony in December, the Spring Fling, the 4th of July festivities.

Troy: Looks like Milt’s not open yet. ~he stops on the sidewalk just as we get there~
Me: Well, it is still morning.

The pub looks super inviting with its brick walls, slate roof, and dark green pillars and picnic tables out front. Ivy spills from urns. Inside there are plenty of tables and booths, dartboards, a bar, and a dance floor.

Troy: Erin and I eat here at least a couple of times a week. I think Milt has a crush on her.
Me: I think he’s had one since she was two.
Troy: ~laughs~ I think you’re right.
Me: How about we mosey toward the pier?
Troy: Sounds like a plan.

We walk for a few and take a detour through this tiny walkway before turning left and seeing the pier just ahead. Lou’s Ice Cream Shop is on the pier and she serves the best frozen desserts.


Troy: I never get tired of looking at the ocean.
Me: Me either. Have you been paddle boarding lately?
Troy: Just yesterday with Erin. She wore my favorite… ~he gets a roguish look on his face~
           Let’s just say I like to paddle behind her.
Me: Got it. So should end our tour here?
Troy: I think we’ve covered the best places.
Me: I think we have, too. Thanks, Kate for having us here today! Troy and I hope your readers enjoyed our little tour! And we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment sharing one of your favorite places and you’ll be entered to win an eBook copy of any of my backlisted books.

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