February 19, 2014

The Other Guys - P.A. Parenteau of the Colorado Avalanche

The Olympics have been killing me. I really detest the NBC coverage of the games. The men's hockey games air at ridiculous times. Thank God for DVRs. I can't wait until regular hockey is back. I heard from Jon Rosen, the LA Kings Insider, that the Kings who aren't in the Olympics--which is everyone except Kopitar, Brown, Carter, Doughty, Quick, and Voynov--will be practicing today at the Toyota Sports Center. Finally! Their next game is against the Avalanche on February 26.

In anticipation of that game, I thought I'd do one of the Other Guys posts. I haven't done one of those in a while.

Pierre-Alexander Parenteau was born in Quebec. He plays right wing. Here is his roster picture. I find that roster pictures generally suck, sort of like school pictures. This guy would be so amazing looking if he just got a haircut. I swear, the NHL would get a lot more female fans if they just hired someone to do makeovers.

Man with baby in his arms = insta-cute.

Lastly, there is this fan wallpaper by DenverSportsWalls you can get from DeviantART. I think it looks pretty cool. If you want to follow him, he's @PAParenteau on Twitter.

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