February 28, 2014

Luc Robitaille! Holy Crap!

I'm minding my own business watching the Kings play shut down the Calgary Flames on TV, when Jim Fox or Patrick O'Neal--I can't remember which one--announces a two-day event the Kings are holding--a chance to "learn and discuss the business of hockey with LA Kings, AEG, and other top sports executives."

It's supposed to be for people looking to break into the sports industry, but this sounds perfect for a hockey romance author too. I worried that they would be requiring applications or something and I'd get beat out by kids majoring in contract law, or statistics, or broadcasting. But no. All I had to do is fork out some money. Done, baby!

For a mere $160, I will get to listen to four panels:

--The Business of Hockey: Industry Customs, Current Trends, and the Future of the Industry
--Make Me an Offer: Negotiations and Talent Representation
--The Role and Impact of Media
--Getting in and Staying In: Tips on Breaking Into and Succeeding in the Sports Industry

I will get to see two Kings games, one from a VIP box, the other from a 200 level seat.

I will get an LA Kings Professional Pad Folio. (I may even get two, since I signed up for both days.)

I will get to be in the same room with Luc Robitaille. I will be able to ask him questions and he'll answer them. (Pardon me while I faint.)

I will also get a raffle ticket for a signed LA Kings jersey. (Again, maybe two tickets.)

A more prime research opportunity could not be had. Just the tickets to the games would cost that much, let alone the panel discussions and swag. My tummy is all aflutter just thinking about it.

God bless the LA Kings.

Photo credit: JamesTeterenko via Wikimedia Commons

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