February 16, 2014

First Line this Morning

I'm (trying to) start Book 3 of the In the Zone series. This is probably my third try. This is typical for me, however. Trial and error is the name of the game for me.

Here is the new beginning for the book. I hope this one sticks.

Alex Sullivan believed in love at first sight, but he seldom mentioned it to anyone. His San Diego Barracuda teammates would have laughed at him. Give a hockey player a gem like that and he’ll jump on it with a vengeance: Photoshopped pictures of his face on a naked baby Cupid on Twitter, fake voice mails in falsetto, “Alex, I just love you so much, from the first moment I saw you, I knew you were The One…” Shit like that. At least, that’s what Alex would do. Any excuse for a good laugh at a teammate’s expense.

If there was one guy on his team he might trust with this information, it was Tim Hollander. Holly had it bad for this nurse he’d been seeing a lot of lately. If anyone could understand Alex’s romantic side, it would be Holly. And yet, Alex still kept quiet, especially because if Tim found out who Alex was mooning over, he would kick his ass.

Photo credit: leoncillo sabino via Creative Commons

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