February 14, 2014

Are You on Drugs?

I am in the middle of copy edits for Across the Line, Book 2 from the In The Zone series. This is when my editor--the fabulous Melissa Johnson--points out the small stuff that I may have missed, including any typos I may have made.

I come across a comment from her in the sidebar that says "LOL."

I look at the manuscript to see what was so funny. I love to see what makes her laugh. I want to know if it's something that made me laugh too.

Unfortunately, I didn't see an intentional joke. The hero, Calder, is talking to his girlfriend, Becca, about how much better he played that night. Calder thinks it may have been that the coach put him on the starting line-up.

I look more carefully at the sidebar. I see that Melissa has deleted two letters. TH.


Then it comes to me. What I really typed. I crack up.

"Okay, but the difference between the first game and this one was like night and day. What happened?

"I don't know. I think maybe it was because Coach started meth tonight."

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