January 3, 2014

Title Announcement

I just got word from my editor that the team finally settled on a title for the second book in the In The Zone series. I gave them a list of 39 possible titles. Some of my ideas were about perfection and being a perfectionist. Some had to do with the distance between them at the beginning of the book. Others had to do with Calder supporting Becca through thick and thin, which is the theme they liked most. Here are my suggestions that centered on that theme.

At Her Side
By Her Side
On Her Side
On Her Team

On Her Own
Right There Beside Her
Backing Up Becca
Across the Line
Anywhere You Are
Never Alone

But the title they chose was


I like it! It's a preposition, like Book 1's ON THE SURFACE, and my sister-in-law pointed out they have corners in hockey! Sure, they're rounded, but you hear in broadcasts all the time, "They're battling for the puck in the corner," or "So and so just took a hard hit in the corner," so there is a dual meaning to the title, which I appreciate.

Now if I could just see some cover art for ON THE SURFACE!!!!

Photo by Sillygwailo (cc)

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