January 11, 2014

A Brief TV "Appearance"

The LA Kings have a show this season on Fox Sports West called Kings Weekly. It's a fluffy show focusing on a lot of the off-ice activities the Kings are involved in, like charity events, the Father/Son Road Trip--stuff like that. Recently they started a feature called Fan Takeover. Twitter fans request a certain player be interviewed. Then, once the player is chosen, fans tweet questions.

This week, the player was Mike Richards. Love this guy. So down to earth. I submitted a couple of questions and one of them made it! "Does Arnold ever go to practice or on road trips with you?"

I was so excited, my scream freaked out my son who thought I'd cut myself in the kitchen.

What was Mike's answer? Arnold has not been to the rink in a long time. He didn't say whether he'd gone on a road trip, but went on and on about how nice it was to have his dog with him here in California rather than with his parents.

Here's a picture of Mike and Arnold. So cute together.

Photo credit: Me and Mike Richards

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