December 24, 2013

The Other Guys - Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars

Welcome to The Other Guys - a regular feature on my blog where I share yummy players from the opposing team with you.

Today we're taking a look at Tyler Seguin (SAY-ginn). The kid's only 21 and he has a Stanley Cup ring (from his time on the Boston Bruins.)

He left under a bit of a bad press cloud with the media suggesting he was a bad boy off the ice and perhaps wasn't being as professional as he should have been, but the media isn't always a reputable source for the truth.

I was impressed when I saw this video. Apparently at every home game, he invites disabled people to watch the game from a suite at the American Airlines Center. When the game is over, he goes up to visit with them.

This is a sizable and admirable commitment. I applaud him. It's relatively easy for a  player to donate money. I don't want to demean monetary gifts. Obviously, money is a terrific way to "give back" to the community. But to give up time and to make that personal connection with people is something special.

And here he is with his dog. Super cute.

Oh, and some eye candy, just because.

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