December 28, 2013

The Other Guys - Eric Nystrom of the Nashville Predators

After a four day break, the Kings are playing again in less than four hours. Thank goodness. I was starting to get jittery. They go up against the Predators, of which Eric Nystrom is one.

Nystrom is an American. Woot. He's thirty years old, a veteran player. He is also the son of NHL player Bob Nystrom.

Here he is rocking the bald look. Personally, I find myself bypassing the shiny pate completely because, man, he has amazing eyes.

Here's another photo of him sporting a Movember 'Stache. He kind of looks like he might be an extra in a movie set during the turn of the century.

Finally, I apologize for the graphics marring the photo, but he looked really delicious here in an interview with his dad, who had a huge 4-Stanley-Cup career in the NHL. And you know what? Dad's pretty handsome too!

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