December 20, 2013

Secret Santa via Travel-Babbles

Recently I found a real honest-to-goodness hockey wife who blogs regularly and shows no sign of stopping. I really love her blog. She has a great sense of style, is so full of life and enthusiasm and more than once she's moved me to tears.

When she proposed a Secret Santa gift exchange, I decided to participate. It was fun shopping for my person, who happened to be an avid Sharks fan. I followed my Santa-ee on Twitter and Instagram and after trading tweets and pix, I feel like I've made a new friend, even though our teams are rivals duking it out for the 2013 Western Conference title. (Um, we beat them last night by the way, 4-1. I'm just saying… ;) We are proof that a Sharks fan and a Kings fan can peacefully coexist.

Anyway, I received my gifts a couple of weeks ago. I figured it was from my Secret Santa, but I wasn't completely sure until I opened it. I really couldn't remember what I'd put down for my interests. But hello! I got Los Angeles Kings stuff to add to my (slightly embarrassing) collection.

First there is this can cooler. Awesome. Pay no attention to my horrid looking hair which sat under a Santa hat all day at work.

My other present was a reversible LA Kings hat, which I promptly wore to the game on December 7 against the New York Islanders. We won, so it must be a lucky hat! I made my hubby take a pic of me after the game with the Staples Center sign behind me, but being a man he didn't pay any attention to the gigantic alien fat blob masquerading as a chin. Thanks, dude.

The hat kept me nice and toasty warm and I love it! I love both my gifts. Thanks, Santa! And thanks, Kym, for organizing it all.

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