December 14, 2013

First Line This Morning - Alex's Story (IN THE ZONE 3)

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl
I've officially begun writing IN THE ZONE book three, Alex Sullivan and Claire's story. (Hm. I just realized I don't have a last name for her. Her sister's maiden name was Collier, but Claire was married and divorced and I never gave her a married name. LOL)

I spent over an hour this morning skimming through both of the first two books and jotting down any character traits I mentioned and actual things they did in those stories. Alex appeared a lot, often as comic relief. 

Right after I woke up today--spontaneously at 3:55 a.m.--I thought of the first line of the book. Who knows if it'll stay? Usually my first first lines don't, but you never know.

Alex Sullivan was totally fucked up. And not in that “I just drank eight gallons of champagne because my team won the NHL Northwest Division title” way.

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