November 30, 2013

Following Orders

My muse decided I needed to be writing. She gave me an idea for a hockey romance shortie I hope to whip out before the end of the calendar year. Ideally, I'd like to self-pub this in the summer.

Hero: Dustin DeVries - defenseman.

He's a bit of a blank canvas. On my Evernote about him it says, "Defenseman. 4 years in NHL." I know he likes dogs. I'll find out more about him as I go.

Heroine: Maggie Hudson. Her Evernote says, "graduated high school 2007, 25 years old." She likes dogs too, because I wanted a lost dog to bring them together. She works at the San Diego Zoo managing their largest gift shop. That's all I know about her so far.

My best friend, Dee J. Adams (also a writer), helped me flesh out the conflict for these two. I was thinking about something meaty. I toyed with the idea of her having a boyfriend who was a pro baseball player or a failed hockey player. But Dee helped me to see that because this story will be short, I can't have someone get over some large emotional issue. So, I'm actively applying the tenet Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS.) I am really happiest when I have a story in the works.

Photo by jmcmichael (cc)

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