October 12, 2013

Title in Flux and Term of Endearment #13

Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez
Sniper (n.) - A player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays. Snipers frequently score more goals than assists. Snipers can be either forwards or defensemen. (Definition lifted from Wikipedia)

This is a photo of Tyler Toffoli, a young King who got some fantastic experience in the 2013 post season. He's only 21, but has a reputation for finishing plays and scoring. A sniper is the guy you want to give the puck to because he's the one who will put it in the net.

The other day I realized that Tim, the hero of my first hockey romance, could be considered a sniper. Now, sniper is a sexy word. I thought it might make a good word in a title. So, I emailed my editor something along the lines of, "It might be too late, but Tim is a sniper, which isn't an official hockey position but maybe we could suggest a new title, if the team still wants a title with a hockey position in it."

To my surprise, she said it wasn't too late and the idea had merit. She encouraged me to think of some titles following these conventions:  Sniper's ____ or ______ the Sniper.

Here's what I came up with.

  • The Lovesick Sniper
  • The Superstitious Sniper
  • Tempting the Sniper
  • Resisting the Sniper
  • Caring For the Sniper
  • Crazy for the Sniper
  • In Love with the Sniper
  • Snaring the Sniper
  • Winning over the Sniper
  • Saving the Sniper
  • Sniper’s Score
  • Sniper’s Salvation
  • Sniper’s Superstition
  • Sniper’s Comeback
  • Sniper’s Return
  • Sniper’s Struggle
  • Sniper’s Heartbreak
  • Sniper’s Heartache
  • Sniper’s Destiny
  • Sniper’s Choice
  • Sniper’s Remedy
  • Sniper’s Rebound
  • Sniper’s Lucky Kiss

The bold ones are my favorites. Feel free to chime in on which one you like.

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