September 3, 2013

I'll Never Wash This Cheek Again

Bailey, the Los Angeles Kings mascot, is awesome. He's such a cute, witty, positive "guy." It's difficult to describe what an awesome example of mascotness he embodies. He reminds me of Spongebob a little. He has that childlike innocence about him, and he often cracks me up with his Tweets about his life in the Staples Center. He's also named after one of their scouts who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Anyway, recently he tweeted a picture of his buddy, CM Punk, a professional wrestler, wearing a Chicago Blackhawks t-shirt. (See photo left.) The shirt is actually a brilliantly designed graphic. 

I tweeted Bailey, "Can I just say how much I hate his shirt? It's a great design, but the names on it are wrong!!!" I didn't expect a response because Bailey never tweets back to me. But that day, he did! I was so excited. It was a fan moment, for sure.

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