September 19, 2013

An Internship, at My Age!

Over the past few months, I've been casually informing John Hoven of, an LA Kings blog, when I saw typos in his articles. As you know, I love the Kings, and I often turn to Hoven's site for great interviews and such. 

Hoven has been grateful for my help in proofreading. As any writer knows, it's difficult to proof your own writing, and I've been doing it because I would want someone to do the same thing if I had typos on my website.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, he tweeted jokingly,  

Need you to just start transcribing quotes after the game and I'll really be dialed in!!!

I asked him if he was serious and he was. So, last night, I transcribed two interviews he conducted, one with Colin Fraser and the other with Jeff Schultz. It was more time consuming than I'd anticipated! Sometimes the players don't speak clearly and I had to rewind four, sometimes five times. But it was still fun. 

I'm hoping that in return, since I've volunteered to do this free of charge, that someday in the future, he'll see fit to introduce me to some of the guys on the team and/or give me a little tour of the player areas. That would be SO AWESOME for my research. 

But I'm just keeping my head down right now, doing the job and getting him all beholden and stuff. Heh heh.

Would you work for free in order to meet someone famous? Who would it be?


  1. Kate, that's really nice of you to do for free. Yes, I would probably be willing to do work for free if it was something I was curious about or interested in

  2. This really is awesome. You go girl! I think people who donate their time for worthy causes, or who work for free because of a passionate interest, will always receive payback. It's just good karma.

  3. Charlene, yeah, and I'm like TOTALLY into hockey now. It's kind of weird. I feel as if this is what insane people might feel like. They're aware something is strange about them, but they can't help themselves...

    Roben, I sure hope so! It won't be that much work. We've already established I can't do post-game interviews because they would require me to stay up WAY past my bedtime, seeing as how I have to get up at 3:50 most mornings.

  4. I think this will be a great research opportunity. You'll be able to hear the emotion in their voice as they answer any hot topics and it will only help you with your characterization! It will be icing on the cake if he brings you along one day. I might work for free for a little while if the job meant meeting someone I look up to or respected.

    BTW - Love the name of your series. Maybe we can play with it. Your "In the Zone" and my "Danger Zone!" (If we got married we'd be "In the Danger Zone." LOL.

  5. Sounds like fun, hope it segues into what you're wanting, as far as meeting some of the players! But as Dee said, wow, what great research for the books!

  6. Dee, LOL.

    Veronica, by this time next year, I hope to have several signatures on my Kings jersey.