August 12, 2013

Knowing the Score

As a new Carina Press author, I felt compelled to read one of their titles and recently a sports romance book came out, so of course, I got that one. Knowing the Score, by Kat Latham, is about a rugby player. I've never watched rugby before and know very little about it, but I thought reading it might be a wonderful exercise for me. I'm assuming that some of the people who buy my hockey book (still untitled!) won't know much about hockey either, so reading Knowing the Score would put me in their shoes.

I thought it was a fun read and very well written. I liked the foreign setting (London.) It was a sexy book. The hero, Spencer, was fantastically masculine while still being soft with his woman. The secondary characters were well-fleshed out. I thought the rugby parts seemed realistic, a big plus in my book and something I hope to achieve with my own book.

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