July 24, 2013


Way back in May I told you about my participation in the Twitter event, #CarinaPitch and how I caught the attention of some Carina Press editors.

My good friend and critique partner Dee J. Adams recently gave me some exciting information about that event, information that really pumped me up.

450 people tweet-pitched (tweetched? pweeted?) their books to Carina. 

120 people submitted their work, after being invited to do so because of that pitch.

Only 7 received contracts.

Wow. It made me compare publishing to mining for gold. (Me and my writing being gold, of course. Heh heh heh.) 

And here's a revised program and update on my progress. Colored type means this item is done.

Twelve+ Step Program for Becoming a 
USA Today Bestselling Author

1. Sell to Carina Press.
2. Wait.
3. Sign contract.
3a. Brainstorm new book titles.
3b. Freak out out at developmental edits, spend two days brainstorming how to fix all the issues, email possible solutions to editor.
3c. Submit synopsis and first fifty pages to editor for Book #2.
3d. Receive the okay from editor and rejoice that she liked the suggestions.
3e. Receive thumbs-up from editor on Book #2 plot along with bullet point notes.
3e. Freak out about how much work needs to be done on Book #2.
3f. Calm down, set aside Book #2. Focus on Book #1.
4. Complete developmental edits for Book #1.
5. Wait Keep writing Book #2 with changes, as per editor.
6. Complete line edits on Book #1
7. Finish Book #2.
8. Approve the book cover
9. Get dev. edits on Book #2. (Freak out, etc.)
10. Announce release of Book #1
11. Wait Try not to think about how Book #1 is selling while revising Book #2.
12. Pray

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