June 8, 2013

Now, At Last, Rest

The Kings lost the Western Conference Finals tonight to the Chicago Blackhawks. I am sad but proud. They didn't roll over and play like crap. They fought incredibly hard. The Hawks led by 2 for a long time. The Kings tied it and the game went into double overtime. It was harrowing. I believe part of the reason they lost was they were just plain worn out.

I'm glad that now they will be able to rest and recover. There was a lot of speculation that many of our top players were playing injured. Here's an early run down of injuries from when they played the Sharks:

Justin Williams - slight shoulder separation
Dustin Brown - torn PCL ligament in the knee
Drew Doughty - bad ankle (from the series before the Sharks)
Anze Kopitar - nothing known yet, but I'm absolutely certain something was wrong with him. 

All of the Kings played fiercely and have nothing to be ashamed of.

Now that the Kings are out of the running, I hope that at least I will be able to concentrate more easily on my writing.

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