June 14, 2013

Hockey Hybrid

I am now a Twitter-aholic. I admit it. But my addiction isn't all bad. I am now following a fellow hockey fan, @SoCalSledHockey, Christie Jenkins. She is the head of a wonderful organization that helps disabled people play hockey using sleds. It's awesome! Here's a video.

That looks like so much fun and you don't have as far to fall. That'd be good for me. Too bad I don't live near Riverside. In the video you can see Daryl Evans, a Kings alumnus, on a sled, and speaking of Daryl, I met him a couple of nights ago!

We attended the game at the Staples Center vs the Chicago Blackhawks. The Kings won. Afterward, they broadcast the postgame show at the Mixing Room at the JW Marriott hotel. My hubby and I went, since I had the day off the next day. After the show was over, Daryl was nice enough to pose for a picture with me. I'm wearing my handmade playoff beard.

Update: Anze Kopitar seems to be healthy after all.  A friend and I were musing, if he isn't injured, maybe he has woman troubles. It could explain why no one on the Kings is putting forth any explanation about his surprisingly substandard level of play this season. (Sorry, Anze. I love you, but I'm sure you'd be the first to admit you weren't at the top of your game.) A broken heart can hobble even the strongest man.

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