March 14, 2013

Terms of Endearment #8

Empty-netter - (n.) a goal scored when the goalie is on the bench.

You non-hockey fans out there might be thinking, what the heck? When is the goalie not there in front of the net, blocking the puck like Wonder Woman does bullets?

Sometimes when a team is losing at the end of the third period, in a last ditch effort, the coach pulls the goalie, which allows them to put one more man on the ice to score a goal for a six on five advantage. However, sometimes they lose control of the puck and the team in the lead scores.

When the Kings get an empty netter, sometimes I feel fierce, "In your face!!!" And sometimes, I feel a little bad for the losers. Most of the time, I'm just glad they won. I would love to see them win the Stanley Cup again.

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