February 25, 2013

Terms of Endearment #6

I love the LA Kings Insider, Jon Rosen. He maintains a blog about the Kings. Here's a blurb about it.

LAKingsInsider.com provides in-depth, independent coverage of the Los Angeles Kings. Its content and reader comments are not subject to approval or review by team personnel.

I read it daily to get the latest about my team--how they did, how they're doing, how they might be doing in the near future. This morning, I learned a new term from a fan comment.

"...great block by Stoll, which lead to Lewis's shortie..."

Shortie - (n.) A goal made when your team has less men on the ice than the opposing team, due to one or more players in the penalty box.

And it truly was an exciting goal. Playing with four against five, Stoll took it upon himself to block a shot by the Avalanche with his body. He just threw himself down on the ice and bodily stopped the puck from getting past--without all that goalie protective gear! (Crazy!) Someone else, I think, picked up the puck and a couple seconds later Lewis (left) scored.

It was awesome.

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