February 8, 2013

Terms of Endearment #1 and #2

As I mentioned earlier, the owner lockout finally ended. I am flush with excitement that about every other day I can watch my Kings play. While we won't be seeing quite as many games live at the Staples Center as I might have wanted, I still love watching the games on TV. I learn so much from the pre-game show, the commentary during the game, and the post game show. I admit that I am a new fan and have a lot to learn.

So I decided to start blogging about terms that I now understand.

1. Carryover - This, apparently, is hockey talk for a grudge. For instance, last season Dustin Brown had an altercation with another player, whose name escapes me now. So when they met on the ice a couple weeks ago, the commentators worried that there might be "carryover." Ends up there wasn't.

2. Shift - (n.) When players get on the ice to play, they play in short periods of time, usually between thirty seconds and a minute or two, called shifts.

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