November 10, 2012

Destination: Art

I love the artist Dale Chihuly. If you've been to the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, you've probably seen his work on the ceiling (right.)

The photo to the left was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix in 2011. It was freakin' hot, even at ten a.m. My sons and I were there to look at the plants, but were delighted to find some artwork of Chihuly's near the entrance. Those two "plants" on the right are made of glass. Even though they're this vibrating neon green, they don't seem to clash with the natural surroundings. Weird, huh!

Anyway, Chihuly is from Tacoma, Washington and in Seattle they've built the Chihuly Garden and Glass installation. I'm dying to go see it.

If I went there, I could also see the first Starbucks location, too. I've heard there are always long lines, but I wouldn't need to buy a coffee there. Come to think of it, a trip to Seattle would guarantee we'd have good coffee at least. There's nothing worse than going on vacation and having to suffer bad coffee. (Carnival Cruise Lines have horrible coffee, FYI.)

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