October 15, 2012

Entertaining Kate #3 - Movie Review

Hubs and I saw Looper. I really liked it. It was intelligent spec fiction. It didn't confuse me like Inception. If you saw In Time, that movie where time was currency and they had those countdown timers in their arms...? Looper was what that movie should have been.


I really like Joseph Gordon Levitt. I liked seeing Bruce Willis in an action role, but as an antagonist. I am so used to seeing him be the good guy that I kept expecting him to change his stripes. I would see him about to do something horrible and think, "Oh, he's not really going to...Oh no! He DID!" I found it refreshing.

The only complaint I had was that Levitt looked weird. They did some weird make-up stuff to his face to make him look more like Willis and I don't think it really helped. In fact, some of the time he looked uncannily like Alec Baldwin. LOL

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