August 7, 2012

Ideas Aplenty

LA Kings Goalie, Jonathan Quick
Photo by Kaz Andrew (cc)
I am 24K into this hockey story. It's still going very well. The hero and heroine, Tim and Erin, are getting along famously. In the course of writing and doing research for this book, I keep getting ideas for future books. So far, I have premises for seven more hockey books, including but not limited to:

  • a player who meets a special woman on his Day with the Stanley Cup
  • a player who is obsessed with educating himself since he never went to college and his father deemed him a "dumb jock."
  • a woman who sings the national anthem at one of the Barracuda's games and flubs it up.
  • a prodigal son/hockey player who returns to his hometown to meet a woman who has no idea who he is which surprises and sort of offends him.
  • a former puck bunny, now successful businesswoman, who meets up with one of the players she did many years ago
  • a woman who owns a sports training center for the whole athlete

So far, I'm looking forward to writing more hockey books. I'm also looking forward to hearing from a real life hockey wife who blogs--A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife. I emailed her some questions that she says her husband, a professional hockey player somewhere in Europe, will answer for me. Woot. I can't wait to see what he says.

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