July 11, 2012

Love It Wednesday #7 - Lime!

I love Key Lime Pie, so when Starbucks came out with their Refreshers last summer, I was in heaven.

But then the drinks went away after summer was over. I was sad.

Now they're back!! Forever! The refreshers sold so well that the powers that be decided to make them a core drink. The Berry Hibiscus Refresher is yummy, but can't compare to the Cool Lime, at least for me. If you put a teeny bit of vanilla syrup in it, it's like Key Lime Pie in a cup.

Here are some facts about the refreshers that I spouted about eighty zillion times yesterday when I had to give out samples for four hours. Refreshers:

--are made with green coffee extract
--have a little more caffeine than a Coke (40-60 milligrams)
--are made with real fruit (blackberries and limes) and real fruit juice
--contain 50-70 calories in a grande

If you'd like to try one, go to a participating Starbucks this Friday between noon and three. They're giving away free tall Refreshers, one per customer. :)

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