July 3, 2012

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

...a very good place to start.

Points if you know what song that is. :)

Kings at TAO in Vegas, celebrating the Stanley Cup win.
I have started a new story. I always have to start at the beginning and move forward sequentially until I get to the end. That's the way I have to write. I can't skip around like some authors.

Anyway, I'm really excited to have begun a new project. It's got a hockey player hero. I have recently developed a crush on the entire Kings hockey team. Are these guys cute, or what!

As usual, I had a false start:

“Seriously?” Jack Pomerantz scowled at the Honorable Judge Wanda Weisgarten. “You’ve got to be kidding.”
Jack’s lawyer brought a fist to his mouth and discretely coughed the words, “Shut the fuck up.” 

That was when the story was going to be about a player with a drinking problem. Now, it's going to be about a player with a superstitious nature and something to prove to the world. The beginning, now focusing on the heroine, is this:

The closest Erin Collier had ever gotten to a celebrity was when she’d been at Disneyland and heard that Channing Tatum had been spotted on the Matterhorn. She’d kept her eyes peeled the entire day, alert for a crowd of giddy women, but never spotted him. The most she could claim was that maybe her butt and his butt had shared the same bobsled that day.

I'm really excited about this story.

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