May 16, 2012

Love It Wednesday #1 - Everything's Better with Bacon

In my continuing attempt to blog more regularly, I'm going to try to make Wednesday a day on which I share something I love.

Today it's crispy bacon, because I happen to be eating it right now. Sorry the photo isn't super appetizing looking like the ones in the cooking magazines I subscribe to.
My "McMuffin" sandwich--scrambled egg, crispy bacon on a whole wheat English muffin

I like to cook bacon in the microwave because it's so easy and easy to clean up. I do feel slightly guilty because it uses so many paper towels, but I usually then remind myself of the large amounts of recycling we do.

I don't usually order bacon in restaurants because they usually don't cook it enough for me. I like it almost burned, so done that if you put pressure on it, it crumbles. Yum.

On a side note, I bought that bacon-flavored salt, thinking that would be good in eggs or in mayo for sandwiches, and I'm not a big fan. It's sitting in my cupboard, unused.

1 comment :

  1. I've actually heard of people who sprinkle bacon salt on sweet things like ice cream.

    I love bacon.

    I love ice cream.

    I can't get into this culinary experiment movement, though. A bit too "Chopped" or "Iron Chef" for me.