April 30, 2012

Linda Howard Love Letter (SPOILERS)

Dear Linda,

I love you. I want to be you when I grow up, even though I don't write romantic suspense. I just read your book Cry No More and it was a masterpiece of "rule" breaking. I found it so interesting that you chose not to show the so richly deserved comeuppance of the villains. I kind of missed it, but I understood that it was Milla's story and she was done with them. She had no reason to participate in or witness their demise.

I also thought it was highly unusual to have such a long denouement, but I loved it because it was what Milla needed.

Lastly, I loved your anti-hero hero, Diaz. He went against so much of what's expected in a romance hero. He didn't apologize for the violence he committed. The only apology he made was important and necessary and when I heard his explanation for betraying her, I understood completely. He was so not a romance hero that I really worried that he and Milla might not end up together.

As I said before, the book stands head and shoulders above most of the books I've read in my life, which number in the thousands. Thank you for a memorable story and an example of genre fiction that I hope to emulate one day.

Kate Willoughby

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