March 27, 2012

Flies High and Hot!

That's what the One Good Book Deserves Another review site said about Just Winging It! Here's more of what she said...

Have you ever sighed happily? Read something, saw something, did something that just made you take a breath and release softly as pleasure heated your heart and happiness curled your lips into a soft smile? That's what this novella, and this series, for that matter, has done to me time and again. What a little gem this series is, and how lovely an addition this story is to the whole...

I've said it before but it bears repeating, Kate Willoughby has a genuine gift for blending smoking hot sex with significant emotion and depth of both character and story. It's a gift that shouldn't be missed. Sorta like this series.

Woot! She really liked it. She liked the whole series. I'm on Cloud 900.

If you want to read the entire glowing review, please by all means click here. :D

Or better yet, buy it from Ellora's Cave, at Amazon, or B&N.

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