March 15, 2012

Fantasy In Death

I dove back into the In Death series by J.D. Robb. I needed something to read and thought I'd see if I could return to a series I hadn't read in years. Turns out La Nora is good enough that I can. The books are pretty stand-alone. So, even though I have NO IDEA what In Death book I left off on, I'm finding this one really interesting and highly enjoyable.

Reading a book by Nora is always a lesson in writing. She'll write a scene that seems totally unrelated to the murder mystery, but then she'll tie it in in a way that I didn't see but that is completely logical.

She's a master of the craft.

It is interesting how so much of technology has changed since I read one of her books, and I can see where it's now appearing in her world. I can't name any examples off the top of my head, but I find myself thinking things like, "Oh, yeah, the iPad hadn't been invented the last time I read one of these." Or, "Geek conventions weren't as big then as they are now..." Stuff like that. It's interesting.

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