February 24, 2012

Real Steel

We watched Real Steel last night. I really like Hugh Jackman, and he did the best he could. Some of the dialogue was silly. There was one almost monologue that went on and on. And on. Okay, dude. We get the picture. You finally understand you're a screw-up. There were also two incidents where the dialogue was so obviously expository, it was sad.

Both the villains were cardboard. I swear, they only got the parts because they looked like someone's image of the characters. The woman's foreign accent was so bad, my son and I laughed about it.

However, the effects were cool. I really liked the black bookie. I liked him as much as I hated the stereotype hick baddie. The point where the plot takes a turn at the junkyard was great and the kid was good, even if he overdid the spunkiness at the beginning a bit.

I didn't hate it.

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