February 18, 2012

4 Star Review

Tracy of One Good Book Deserves Another has a wonderful blog filled with honest, specific reviews. Wanting a no-holds-barred critique of my books, I approached her with some complimentary copies of my series.

Here are some excerpts from her review of ONCE UPON A KISS, the third Be-Wished book.

It takes a special sort of talent to put forth erotic novellas/short novels with a paranormal/fantasy bent and not only find the right balance between the sex, the romance, and the story, but to execute it well enough to be felt throughout each tale. With this third installment of her Be-Wished series, Willoughby once again proves she has such a talent in spades!

There are so many elements of this story and the series overall that Willoughby does so well. The flawless continuity and seemingly effortless flow of world building and exposition is impressive. Character reaction is at least relatively realistic in the face of some pretty wild and fantastical paradigm shifts. 

Three touching, emotional, and fabulously sexual erotic novellas/short novels into the Be-Wished series, and Willoughby is still going strong. Frankly, I just can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Go here to read the whole review.

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