November 23, 2011

JUST WINGING IT, Pre-Release Celebration – Off-Topic

Today I’m celebrating the twentieth anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday.

I already had breakfast in bed, which was wonderful. Later I plan to prep a few things for Turkey Day and then go out to dinner to Macaroni Grill because I have a coupon for a free dessert, courtesy of them for my birthday.

On my wish list, I want cold hard cash because I want to get a new computer – maybe an iMac. The Apple laptops are too pricey, and since I have my iPad, that’s portable enough for me in a pinch.

Today, if you’d like to enter the contest to win the Be-Wished series, let me know in the comment section…

a) if you’re an Apple person or a PC person.
b) if I should throw Weight Watchers out the window today because the calamari fritti at Mac Grill is to DIE for.

Winner will be announced here on December 16.


  1. Kate! The pic of the calamari makes me want some. Now.
    Mac Grill? Yum.

  2. I'll take that birthday cake! Congrats on the release!

  3. Happy birthday! Love your birthday math, btw. :)

    I'm a PC person and by all means, throw WW out the window today. Birthdays are "no calorie" days! LOL, enjoy!

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Yes, please count me in the Be-Wished contest:
    a) PC, but my hubby is pro-Apple.
    b) Yes! All foods are "free" on your birthday. ;-)

    I will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of my twenty-first birthday very soon. (I like thinking of it that way!)

  5. Happy Birthday! Didn't you know that calories don't count when it's your birthday? ;)
    The only Apple product I own is an iPod, never tried an Apple computer/laptop, I've done fine with my PC, so I can't give any advise as to what you should get...


  6. PC and GAG calamari! Urk. After deep sea fishing with my dad where we used squid as bait I just can't eat it. Soooo slimey. Now, a really good cheeseburger on the other hand... ;)

  7. Happy Birthday, Kate and congrats on the release!!

    It's funny, I probably have every Apple device around, except a PC. I'm IBM all the way, baby. I have an IT background and I still associate it with a 'work' computer. :). And I say go for the calamari. It's only your birthday once. Well, once every year, but who's counting?

  8. Cristal, I know, right? Pretty much fry pretty much anything and I'm THERE. Whenever I'm at Bed Bath, I always look longingly at the deep fryer and resist. If I ever got that, I'd fry everything in sight.

  9. Cassandra, isn't that the most beautiful cake ever? Kudos to whoever made it.

  10. Barbara, thanks for entering the contest. Good luck! (Yeah, I got the calamari and ate half the cake they gave me to celebrate the occasion. BUT, I did have the caesar dressing on the side!)

  11. Diana, thanks for entering the contest! My hubby is the PC person in the family and the rest of us are leaning toward Apple. I was originally an Apple gal. I had one of those Macintosh computers back in 1986. I loved that thing to pieces.

  12. Hi, Eva! Thanks for entering the contest. My PC has worked fine for quite a few years, but I got an iPad recently, and it would be nice to be able to sync stuff with it.

  13. Hi, Ann! Deep sea fishing? See, I would only fish if someone else baited my hook and took the fish off the line for me. LOL Some fisherman I'd be, huh? Still, I would offer to cook it for whoever helped me, and I'm a pretty good cook. :) And thanks for entering the contest. Good luck!

  14. Hi, Kaily! Thanks for stopping by! I so wish I had an IT background. I bet you can do all sorts of cool stuff on your website. My head spins when people start talking about tech stuff. Thanks for entering the contest and stopping by!