November 22, 2011

JUST WINGING IT, Pre-Release Celebration - Guilty Pleasures

In my book, Just Winging It, that releases on Black Friday, three days from now, the main character, Davina visits a McDonald’s for the very first time.

Personally, I like McDonalds. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I know it’s horrible for me and the fries aren’t even as fantastic as they used to since they started using healthy oil, but I still love the Filet o’Fish and the Quarter Pounder.

When I was a teenager and could eat anything I wanted without fear of calorie overload, I’d order a Big Mac with fries and a strawberry shake. YUM.

So, what would you suggest Davina try at Mickey D’s? Answer in the comment section for a chance to win all four books of the Be-Wished series! Winner to be announced on December 16.


  1. I used to work at Burger King while I was in college so my answer? *shudder* :)

  2. So, are you saying I should stick with McDonalds and avoid Burger King? LOL