October 18, 2010

Review for Once Upon A Kiss

Happily Ever After Reviews (how apropos for this book!) gave Once Upon A Kiss...

5 Teacups!

Here's a little snippet of what they said.

Beginning with the blurb, this talented author immediately drew me into the lives of these two amazing characters. Kate Willoughby delivers a well-balanced story with a twist and I didn’t want it to end. With just the right mixture of romance and sizzling sex scene, this book is an excellent read with a fairy tale ending.

Color me really happy. Hopefully lots of people will take their advice and buy it. I'm really excited to see what the royalties are for this first month because, don't forget, I promised to put aside a percentage for the Wheelchair Foundation, an organization that provides wheelchairs for people who need but can't afford them. It costs about $150 for a wheelchair and I'm determined to make a difference in one person's life via my writing.

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