October 8, 2010

Don't Bug Me

In Fit To Be Tied, the heroine Sadie, gets a job as a bug wrangler for a movie. I really have no idea where I got the idea for her to do this, but there really are bug wranglers. If it's not a digitized insect, someone was in charge of bringing that bug to the set and making it do it's thing.

By the way, I can usually spot the fake bugs in movies, can't you? Like did you see The American with George Clooney? I think the butterfly at the end was computer generated.

But I digress.

I met a real bug wranger at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and asked him a ton of questions. I also got to handle a tarantula and he taught me how to make it go and stop. Unfortunately, I can only remember that if you hold your hand over the spider, it will stop walking. I can't remember how to make it go.

Here's a link to a real live bug wrangler whose resume is pretty impressive.

Do you think he has Raid in his house?

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