August 22, 2010

Once Upon A Kiss Celebration Week - Day Five

In Once Upon A Kiss, which is coming out on Wednesday, August 25, the hero, Joe is confined to a wheelchair because of an injury he received while serving in Iraq. Coincidentally, while writing the book, my local grocery store was collecting donations for people in wheelchairs. I thought that was too strange to ignore, so I donated often.

I'm not sure if the Wheelchair Foundation is the same charity, but I think it's a worthy one, nonetheless. So, I will be donating a portion of my royalties per book to this organization until I have enough to pay for a wheelchair for some deserving person somewhere in the world ($150). It's bad enough to need a wheelchair, but to need one and not have one...?

If you had a spare $150, which charity would you give it to? Why? Any comment enters you to win one of my books. (Winner to be announced Wednesday, August 25.)


  1. What a great thing you're doing! I hope you get enough for that wheelchair in the first day!