August 24, 2010

Once Upon a Kiss Celebration - Day Seven

Tomorrow is the big day when Once Upon A Kiss comes out! I'm so excited and can't wait.

If you are interested in on-screen kisses, check out this list of the Best and Most Memorable Film Kisses of All Time in Cinematic History. It's twenty five pages long and the first one is from 1896! It's current to 2009. Check it out. I got lost looking at the various kisses for quite a while.

Today, I want to know if you have a favorite on-screen kiss. One of my favorites is actually Lady and the Tramp--the spaghetti kiss.

Is there a kiss between humans that you especially remember?

Comments enter you to win your choice of one of my books. Winner to be announced tomorrow!


  1. My first thought was the kiss in the rain in The Notebook that leads to the kiss against the wall and up the stairs and...well, you get the idea.

    But then I remember the kiss when Elizabeth and Will marry at the end of POTC At Worlds End. That is one of the best kisses in the history of film.

  2. I really don't like Nicholas Sparks' books, but I liked that movie. Dontcha hate it when something like that happens? LOL