July 25, 2010

Once Upon a Kiss

A friend of mine recently expressed interest in Once Upon A Kiss, saying it sounded interesting. I thought, "Oh, she must have read the blurb." But when I came here to refresh my memory on it, I found I had not posted it. So, without further ado, The Blurb:

Livvy thought she lost her chance for a Happily Ever After when she dismissed the wish fairy who knocked on her door, so when a prime specimen of masculinity appears on her front lawn one stormy night, she can’t quite believe it. Like a prince in distress, he needs her kiss to bring him out of his enchanted sleep.

After a war injury left him paralyzed, Joe Kimball never expected to walk again, but when he regains the use of his legs thanks to his sexy neighbor, he can’t argue when she insists the credit belongs to a wish fairy. Nor does he want to. Arguing is the last thing on his mind now that he is a whole man again.

Unfortunately, a few days of hot sex do not a fairy tale ending make, and as the magic becomes increasingly volatile, Joe and Livvy realize there’s more at stake than just their happiness.

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