June 23, 2010

Shorter Fiction Woots

I sold an 800 word story to Woman's World magazine, and it'll appear in the August 6 issue. :) It's about a guy who has to start eating healthier.

I also sold a 5,500 word story to True Experience magazine. That's coming out in the fall. This is about an older woman who built a cupcake empire and the man who woos her.

It'll be interesting to see if either of my ebooks (Fit To Be Tied and Once Upon A Kiss) will come out before then. I doubt it. But I don't mind. I like it when there's a little time between publications.


  1. I'm so happy for you - congrats!

    Hope I get to see you soon so I can tell you yay in person!


  2. Cupcakes - awesome. I'm going to have to stalk both those magazines. Any recipes included with the cupcake story?

  3. Oh, hey, Robin and Jeannie! I'm sorry, there aren't any recipes. :( And although Woman's World is easy to find, the True magazines are more rare. I can't find them anywhere near me.